Month: December 2014

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Facebook finally lets everyone search for old posts

Before today, if you closed a tab on a Facebook post, it would have been lost forever; there was no way of searching for it. Facebook updated its search on

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Brazil’s Odebrecht plans $8.1 billion landmark investment in Mexico

A unique life allowed Clarival do Prado Valladares (1918-1983) to leave an important legacy for Brazil’s artistic and architectural heritage. Even though he was educated and worked as a physician, this native

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Nulla Convallis Egestas Rhoncus

Donec facilisis fermentum sem, ac viverra ante luctus vel. Donec vel mauris quam. Vivamus pretium ornare est. Cras in mi at felis aliquet congue. Ut a est eget ligula molestie

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JC Penney gets sued over share sale & stock plunge

Chain store executive, pioneer in profit sharing, and philanthropist, J (ames) C (ash) Penney (1875-1971) built a corporate empire following business precepts based on the Golden Rule. The seventh of

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The Retro P300: A Light-Swallowing, 1080p-Shooting Pocket Monster

This is Nikon’s answer to the Canon S95 pocket dynamo. The P300 pairs a 12.1-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS image sensor (which picks up more light than a standard CMOS sensor) with

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Are We Riding The Podcast Train Too Far

Podtrac, TNS and eMarketer have put together a few reports indicating the effectiveness of podcast advertising relies on its longtail, as contrasted with the instant gratification methods more prevalent in

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A Walk In The Park Alone

A walking tour in several languages can be be booked here, but Dubrovnik is typical of many tourist destinations in that there are other options, too. If you’d like to

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Impossible Is Nothing

But I bought a yearbook ad from you, doesn’t that mean anything anymore? Say goodbye to these, because it’s the last time! I’m half machine. I’m a monster. No, I

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